Rightmove are my current employer, having worked there since August 2012. I am working as a Graphic Designer but also have many other responsiblities, working on projects for many other teams including Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Development and Customer Services.


ED3 (pronounced Ed cubed) is my University Final Year Project, created in an immersive dome environment. The project utilizes Arduino and Unity3D to create an installation that has been designed to highlight the benefits of using digital technology in schools, not only to provide a fantastic opportunity for social interaction, but also makes students think.


Morph in Time was a game created in a "GameJam" style using Flixel. The game was created in a small team, with myself working as the graphic designer and marketing manager. The game had one main constaint, which was that it had to revolve around the theme of "Morph", we decided, as a team, that we wanted to use nostalgia to gain hits by the emphasis for peoples enjoyment, and therefore created a character which Morphed through 'game time'.


Sensere is a fictional company created as part of my Venture Culture module at university. In the module I created a business plan, financial reports, branding, advertisements and more to create a realistic plan for a potential business which could easily start operating tomorrow.